Interview Advice You Need to Know

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Feb 25, 2015

Interview Advice You Need to Know

Some interviews can be rather intimidating, but not if you know what to expect. Knowing the basics can give you the edge you need to land the perfect career. Here are a few pieces of time-tested advice to keep in mind when your interview day arrives. 


Interview Advice f-rom a CEO

Most of us go nearly bankrupt just to send our kids to a reputable school in hopes of them getting a top position with a growing company. According to the CEO of HighTower, Elliott Weissbluth, "Nobody cares what school you went to." Companies are looking for people who have work ethic and can execute a task. Even graduates f-rom some very fine institutions with great grade point averages are lacking when it comes to passion and humility. Those with only pedestrian CVs and less book knowledge have been hired based on their eagerness, sincerity and personality. 

How Good Is Your First Impression?

Dressing the part is an important element to getting hired. First impressions speaks volumes to an employer when you enter into an interview. Take into consideration the type of job you are pursuing and dress to that occasion. Good grooming also resonates well with employers. 

Use Your Creativity


Today's companies welcome your innovation. If during an interview you feel that the interviewer has made an assumption about you, feel free to question him or her. Let them know your thoughts and show them your creativity. Ask them deeper questions and give them a sample of how you see things, and what you can offer that’s unique among applicants. Set yourself apart and give yourself a better chance to win the job.   

Watch Your Words

What you say in an interview is important, but what you shouldn't say should also be emphasized. You shouldn’t talk negatively about your current or last job. Employers are less likely to hire you if you speak negatively about your previous boss. You should know that employers are interested in your attitude as well as your abilities. 

Be careful about what you include on your resume. Employers can tell when you use descriptive words to make yourself seem more qualified than you are. It is better to just list your skills and leave out the fluff. Give them something to look forward to in the actual interview; there, you’ll have the opportunity to explain your background in greater detail. Let your face-to-face meeting be more engaging than your resume. Make it professional, but include just enough to land the interview. 

A good word of interview advice is to always have thank-you notes handy to send to your prospects after each interview. If you have experienced 10 interview processes, send out 10 thank yous. Employers will appreciate this, and it will increase the chances of making a good impression, and getting called back for a second interview or job offer.

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