How to Stay Calm During Your Job Interview

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Feb 25, 2015

How to Stay Calm During Your Job Interview

How to Stay Calm During Your Job Interview

The days are counting down to your big interview, but all you can think about is all the things that can go wrong. The call for an interview that first caused you elation has now morphed into the lump in your throat and the indigestion in your stomach. This is only worsened by the knowledge that you have to find a way to stay calm. Job interviews are not a good place to have the jitters. You can banish these jitters with a few easy steps.

Do a job interview mock run.

Find a quiet space, preferably with a mirror, and interview yourself. While you are practicing the interview you may discover topics or questions that you do not have a ready answer for. Make note of these questions for later consideration and research. If your practice space has a mirror, be sure to note your facial expressions in order to catch any out of place expressions that may make you appear as if you are not staying calm. Job interviews, being a time of stress, can cause people to show a little more stress than they’d like to show.

Before you go, be an interview detective.

This is a situation whe-re it is not ok to skip your homework. Interviewers are impressed by candidates who have a working knowledge of the company, its products and services, and especially the position in question, so make it your job to acquire that knowledge. Allocate some time for research into the company and the position you are interviewing for in the days leading up to your interview. Being able to use industry jargon and reference company successes may set you apart.

Make sure you’re rested and ready.

Maintaining a smooth exterior is best achieved when the interior is cooperating. What good will it do to nail the interview questions if you wind up yawning in the interviewer’s face half way through? Being prepared includes your body, so be sure to prep it for staying calm, job interview and beyond.

Your biggest enemies in the race to tame those nerves will be fatigue, dehydration, and hunger. The night before your interview:

  1. Get at least eight hours of quality sleep. As tempting as it may be to stay up late fretting over the next day, don’t forget that a restful night can pay unexpected dividends when it comes to staying calm.
  2. Job interviews are the leading cause of cottonmouth, or so it may seem at the time. Drink eight glasses of water the day before and one glass for every two hours prior to the interview.
  3. Eat something an hour before your interview, preferably a protein-rich snack. The protein will stave off hunger and help you maintain focus while impressing your future employer. A satisfied stomach is one less obstacle to staying calm. Job interviews can sometimes last a long time, so bring along something to snack on if you think you might need a pick-me-up during a break.

Get there early.

Rushing to an interview and running through the doors at the last minute is not conducive to tranquility. To avoid arriving in a frenzied state, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. If the interview will be in an area you are unfamiliar with, take some time in the days prior to scope out the location and even do a test run to see how long it takes you to arrive and find parking.

Stay Calm and Get Hired On.

Staying calm for job interviews is one of the biggest keys to success. Another key is, of course, getting the interview in the first place. The best way to do this is with a strong resume and unforgettable cover letter.

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