Job Interview True Stories

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Feb 25, 2015

Job Interview True Stories

If you prefer not to experience the sting of failure for yourself, try learning f-rom the mistakes of others. Reading the unbelievably stupid job interview true stories makes us all feel a little better about ourselves.

What Not to Wear

We've all heard the sermons about dressing appropriately for job interviews. True story: an applicant for a financial firm showed up for the interview in a cat suit. Unless you are interviewing for the circus, try to at least look sane at your interview. One lady, trying to dress appropriately, bought a conservative pin-stripe top and black skirt. She was unaware that the side seam had begun to unravel until it was too late. She literally came apart at the seams.

Too Much Information 

In one job interview true story, the applicant told the interviewer that he needed work to be scheduled around Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as those were his "drinking times." Another applicant listed his jail time as job experience. One unbelievable job interview true story is about a lady who told her interviewer that she liked to dress in skimpy clothing and act flirtatious. She went on to brag that her previous boss's wife was attracted to her wanton ways.

Awkward Moments

Always keep your relationship with your interviewer professional. Hugging a potential employer should be an obvious no-no. Unfortunately, it happens. One hiring manager shares a creepy job interview true story about a candidate who flirted with her in a phone interview. She asked if he had any questions for her. He replied, "You sound very attractive--I think we may have a connection. Would you please describe what you look like in detail?"

Just Plain Dumb

 The following are job interview true stories--this level of stupidity is impossible to make up.

  • One lady repeatedly blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her.
  • One guy showed up to his interview drunk. His interviewer saw him crumple up a beer can and throw it in the trash as he walked in.
  • When it was time for her interview, one lady told the hiring manager to wait because she was playing a game of solitaire on her computer.
  • A hiring manager was washing his hands in the restroom before an interview appointment when he noticed someone leave the restroom without washing his hands. When the manager walked into the interview, he noticed that the candidate was the same person he saw in the restroom. When the candidate reached out to shake his hand, the manager refused.

Learn f-rom Job Interview True Stories 

Take a moment to read embarrassing job interview true stories, laugh at the stupidity of your fellow man, and don't make the same mistakes when you go to your interviews.

First impressions matter, so take advantage of the resources that are out there to help you present yourself in the best possible light.

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