Must-Ask Questions at the Interview

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Feb 25, 2015

Must-Ask Questions at the Interview

1. "What would be the first thing you would want a person in this role to accomplish?”
This question not only shows that you are proactive, it allows you to get a better idea for what the job really entails and opens the door to other questions. Hiring Managers will see you as a "go-getter” that is not merely shopping around for jobs. It proves that you are genuinely interested in accomplishing company goals and you are already strategizing how to tackle your first project at hand.
2. "What do you like most about working here?”
Everyone likes to talk about themselves and this question puts the hiring manager in the spot light—in a good way. It also takes them out of their role as an interviewer and forces them to answer you as an employee and potential future co-worker, which can be very beneficial for you. This question shows that you genuinely care about what this individual has to say, and it gives you the opportunity to assess their answer. The interview is a two-way street, and what the hiring manger learns about you is just as important as what you learn about the company and work environment you may potentially join.
3. "How does this position directly affect your company's goals?”
The job's role in the bigger picture of the business often determines its dynamic. You've probably already reviewed the duties listed in the job description, but the answer to this question will inform you of details such as whether this position provides valuable support to another individual, fulfills a financial goal, or possibly serves as an intermediary between departments. This question can also earn you extra points by showing the interviewer that you have a propensity for teamwork and a healthy attitude to reach team goals.
4. "Do you have concerns or hesitations based on anything we have discussed regarding the open position that I could address for you before I go?"
With hundreds of qualified candidates competing with you for the job, it's important to take this golden opportunity with the hiring manager to make a memorable impression and make sure your value is established. This question gets right to the point and proves that you are serious about the position and therefore want to address any potential barriers blocking you f-rom the job. The answer can go two ways: either the interviewer will be caught off guard and politely respond with none at this time, or you may have just opened the door for the opportunity to convince him or her that you are the right one for the job.
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