NLP Engineer (Machine Translation) | 40HRS

NLP Engineer (Machine Translation)

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 02-08-2023

Salary: Competitive


Job Description

About the Team

Our NLP team focuses on solving language barriers and promoting information flowing all over the world. We invite researchers and engineers in machine learning and natural language processing at all levels. We aim at pushing the limits of machine intelligence.


- Building large language models, especially for multilingual machine translation, text generation and other core NLP algorithm model construction and improvement.

- Responsible for building NLP foundations.

- Cutting-edge algorithm research, improving product user experience through algorithms

Job Requirements


- Rich experiences and strong skills in development of technologies in some of the following areas: natural language generation, machine translation, large-scale pre-training, reinforcement learning, etc.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

- Strong computer science and coding skills.

- Work and collaborate well with team members.

- Candidates with top conference papers or influential open source projects are preferred.


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