SRE Manager, OLAP Engine (Bytehouse) | 40HRS

SRE Manager, OLAP Engine (Bytehouse)

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 24-11-2023

Salary: Competitive


Job Description

- Building and managing the Global SRE team, including team recruitment, new talent training, system operation/maintenance/coordination and team culture building.

- Improve the cross-team/time zone/regional cooperation mechanism, and provide SRE solutions in line with actual business scenarios based on business orientation.

- Responsible for SRE team arrangement and project management, guiding basic SRE work to be more effective, and improving the overall SRE efficiency.

- Develop process specifications and plans for compliant access, configuration, disaster recovery and fault handling of critical paths of overseas SRE services.

- Responsible for continuously improving the core SRE capabilities of OLAP engine in efficiency, cost, quality, security, etc.

- Develop automation, data visualization and automated monitoring processes to facilitate the optimization of the cloud-native OLAP engine infrastructure.

- Drive the design and engineering of tools, as well as platform solutions, to optimize product engineering and operation efficiencies.

- Manage oncall processes to respond to performance and reliability issues, and establish best practices for coordinating escalation to resolve issues and minimize downtime.

Job Requirements

- Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science or a related technical discipline and good English communication skills.

- Familiar with SRE-related processes, understand the development trend of SRE technology in the industry, and have a good ability to build an SRE system, 6 years+ SRE experience, big-data or OLAP engine SRE experience is best to have .

- Familiar with SRE technologies, including Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Bash Scripting etc.

- Familiar with cloud computing technologies of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and other suppliers.

- Expertise in operations, deployment, and trouble shooting high availability and quality assurance of large-scale distributed systems, with a strong focus on stability and performance.

- Possesses a strong sense of responsibility, a proactive team spirit, and a strong ability to comprehensively analyze and solve problems.


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