Heat Treatment Manager | 40HRS

Heat Treatment Manager

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 21-10-2022

Salary: Negotiate

Email: phong.tram@40hrs.vn

Job Description

·         Responsible for overall performance of heat treatment

·         Production planning review and propose organization of department, set department target.

·         Forecast tooling – done by MRP (tool life cycle review)

·         Improve fixture and die sets

·         Request fixtures and die sets (handle by tool shop) and produce parts

·         Improve product quality, increase outputs

·         Utilize machines, shoot troubles

·         Arrange alternative equipment and manpower

·         Improve, optimize material dimensional specs

·         Propose training plan and implement skills training for Cell Leaders and Operators

·         Repair parts requested to be repaired - follow up to implementation

·         Improve, develop and optimize production processes

·         Provide technical support

·         Meet quality and quantity required as per production planned.

·         Manage and mobilize manpower resources to achieve the target.

·         Coordinate with related cells to maximize work efficiency.

·         Always make the most appropriate production planning to minimize costs

·         Contribute ideas and arguments toward optimal solutions.

·         Improve recipes and suggest improvements in order to raise performance

·         Performs tests at heat treatment in fully autonomy

· Answer complaints and find root causes for related issues on product performances and lifetime on knives linked with heat treatment operations

·   Investigates technical issues at Heat treatment, and specifically with the furnace consistency. Runs capability tests and target to get a proper process capability based on data and statistics treatment.

·   Runs material microstructure analysis and elaborate reports with proper root cause analysis in order to have a consistent plan to mitigate the issue. Reports to Engineering department and gets proper validation.

·    Holds technical discussions with Engineering department in order to align on best practices and elimination of potential non conformities

·   Gets the best Capacity improvements vs quality consistency by continuously measuring outputs and rejection rates.

·   Routing revisions and suggestions of new settings and recipes. Works close with Engineering to approve the improvements.

·         Be un-biased in assessing staffs’ performance

·         Commit to Metkraft core values in safety, humanity, renovation and team work spirit

·         Take in extra assignments when required by Production Manager/QA& Engineering Director

Job Requirements

·         10-years equivalent experience

·         05 years’ mechanical workshop experience in heat treatment

·         Lean-Six Sigma, Kaizen experience

·         Have Heat Treat knowledge and experience

·         Ability to manage manufacturing processes and arrange work assignments

·         Creativeness in developing manufacturing processes

·         Good command of English

·              Good at team work

     Accept tasks/jobs as requested


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