Sales/ Proposal Purchase Orders Manager | 40HRS

Sales/ Proposal Purchase Orders Manager

Work Location: Ho Chi Minh

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 19-01-2024

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

The main job responsibilities of a Sales/Proposal PO Manager for Solar

Energy Projects may include:

Proposal writing and making: Write and make proposals to customers,

setting prices and terms for products or services.

Management of purchase orders: Complete transactions by creating and

managing orders based on offers approved by customer.

Transaction negotiation: Negotiate with customers to achieve optimal

transaction terms and adjust prices and terms if necessary.

Contract management: Create and manage transaction contracts and

purchase orders to clarify the obligations of both parties.

Customer communication: Maintain constant contact with customers to

respond to their needs and resolve problems quickly.

Project tracking and planning: Work with installation and maintenance

teams to track project progress and manage schedules to keep projects

running smoothly.

These job responsibilities focus on sales and project management in the solar

energy market.

Job Requirements

Over 10 years of related experience is required.

Required experience for a Sales/Proposal PO of Solar Energy Projects is at

least 10 years.

This role requires a deep understanding of the solar energy industry and

agreement management, as well as skills in proposal writing, agreement

negotiation and contract management. Experience in project management

and customer communication is also helpful.

Priority points

Experience in the solar energy industry: Experience in solar or

renewable energy projects for a better understanding of the projects and

work performance.

Business and transaction management experience: We prioritize

applicants with extensive Sales/Proposal PO management experience as

well as excellent customer negotiation, proposal writing and contract

management skills.

Technical knowledge: Technical understanding of solar energy to

understand the nature of the project and communicate effectively with


Project management skills: effective management of complex projects.

Communication skills: Good customer communication and cooperation

within and between teams

Enterprising attitude and problem-solving skills: It’s required to have

the ability to work in challenging environments and solve problems



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